Sunday 13 February 1994
374 High Street

Senior Pastor: Tony Barnett - 528 9795
Associate Pastor: Brent Allred - 528 7411

From the Pastor's desk
It seems a long time since I last wrote something for the newsletter.  Definitely last year, but even more definitely the time has really gone fast.

Over the holiday break I probably have dealt with more cases of counselling than any other Christmas period.  Just looking at some before our board meeting on Tuesday, I saw they came to over 100 sessions.  Signs of the times?  I don't know.  One thing I am convinced of is that we, as God's people, have the opportunity to do something about the situation.  Jesus says we are salt and light, both things that penetrate and make a difference into the situations they are applied to.

In our morning teaching sessions during the next few months, we will (the Lord willing) be taking a look at the Sermon on the Mount.  Here Jesus looks at areas in our lives that are so practical, areas that we face every day.  He brings into them a practical, God-inspired, powerful way of living as a Christian.  He cuts through religious clichés, deals with legalism, complicated expectations, and gives hope in a Godly faith.

Religion destroys our reaching communities for Christ.  It isolates, hides, makes comfortable and pathetic.  Christianity doesn't complicate, but comforts, equips and motivates to reach others with Jesus.  I pray our time in this series empowers, motivates, encourages and shakes us to shine.
Blessings on your week,

This week ...
Tuesday ...
9:00am NOAH'S PLAYGROUP meets until noon.
5:00pm ELDERS' MEETING at the church.
Wednesday ...
10:00am LADIES BIBLE STUDY at the manse.
Thursday ...
7:30pm MUSIC PRACTICE at the church for everyone involved in music next Sunday.
Friday ...
11:00am CHURCH SERVICE at Woodlands Rest Home.  It is our church's turn to take the service this week.  If you would like to come and share with us and the folk at the home, you are welcome.  Meet outside the main entrance to the home just before 11am.

D. & B. Grant are in Blenheim today until Wednesday, promoting the work of World Vision and challenging the churches to be involved in missions.  Pray for strength and guidance for them, and for receptivity among the people they meet.

More singers are required for our budding singing group.  If you can sing in tune and are interested in ministering in this way, please see D. Trewavas this week.  Men, women, young and old are all welcome.

It's an all-church PICNIC
Yes, next Sunday is our ALL-CHURCH PICNIC at Rabbit Island.  We will meet at the main dressing sheds at 3pm, ready to enjoy a great afternoon together.  Bring any sports equipment you have, plus your togs and your own food for a BBQ tea (BBQ's will be provided).  There'll be games for young and old, lolly scrambles, sand-building competitions, fun for the whole family.  We'll conclude the day with a campfire sing-along after tea, which will replace our evening service.  If you require transport to the picnic, sign your name on the sheet on the foyer table and we will arrange something for you.

NOTE: There will be NO evening service at the church next Sunday.

Registrations are on the foyer table for this year's camp at Bridge Valley Christian Ranch, 8-11 March.  If you're interested, take a form today.

Evan V., president of our Association, has as his theme for the next two years, "Christ Commands Love."  At Conference in Wanganui last October, a challenge was issued to every member to identify one person close to them that they would consciously win to Christ and make disciples of them.  In a letter sent to all churches, Evan asks that each of us prayerfully seek and identify at least one person Christ is calling us to win.  Think about that this week.  Ask God to reveal to you one person you could actively share Christ with during this year.  And then do it.

To remind us that Christ commands us to show His love to others, Evan has produced some fridge magnets with Christ's challenge printed on them.  There is one of these available for each family on the foyer table.  Please take one, place it in a prominent place as a constant reminder to faithfully keep Christ's commandments and recognise the challenge to share the Good News with those about us.

"LIFE WITHOUT SIGHT" Telephone Appeal
Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind

254 people in the Nelson region experience total or partial sight loss.  The Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind needs your help in providing vital services to them.
Between 25-27 March the Foundation plans to phone everyone in the Nelson-Motueka telephone book, asking them to pledge financial support.  All money raised will be used in this region.
Can you give three hours to assist in this telephone appeal?  Full training will be given.  If you want to be involved, phone D. Cameron xxx xxxx.

The Women's Task Group of our Association is arranging a 14-day sight-seeing trip to Australia (for both women and men) 8-21 May.  See the noticeboard for details.

* The crèche is now being used as a Sunday School room during the morning service, but it is still available for parents with small children who may need to use it during the service.
* Plans are being prepared for the second stage of our building extensions.
* Average offerings for January were $1132.  Money raised by our church for Tear Fund's Christmas Appeal totalled $952.
Full minutes of the meeting are posted on the noticeboard.
The next meeting of the board will be on 8 March.

Birthdays This Week
E. Osborne 13 February
B. Gulbransen 14 February
M. McMurtrie 14 February
H. Carruthers 14 February
T. Tree 15 February
R. Ewers 18 February
I. Higgins 20 February
This year the 1994 World Vision 40 Hour Famine focuses on the Zambezia Province of Mozambique.  Badly nourished and in poor health, many people here have witnessed death and destruction we would find hard to imagine.  Often the only thing that has kept them going has been their hunger for life.  Now peace has come, and with it a chance for us to help relieve their suffering.  YOUR HELP WILL SAVE LIVES!

40 Hour Famine
March 25-27, 1994
FOR THE JOY OF RUNNING by Jonathan H. Beverly

The idea occurred to me at about the third mile of my run--both a revelation and an accusation: I have won as many people to running as I have to Christianity in my lifetime.
As a Bible school graduate and a youth pastor, I must ask myself how this can be.  The answer is apparent:
I like to run.  It's a consistent habit in my life.  Wherever I am, whatever the conditions--through snow in Maine or a tropical rainstorm in Panama--I run.
People see me running, and I am not ashamed of it.  Because of running, I am thinner and healthier.  I am better adjusted emotionally.  Few activities are as enjoyable to me as a strong 10-mile run down a tree-lined road or along a lake.
I talk about running.  I am more than willing to proclaim its joys and benefits whenever I have the chance.  I encourage others who run.  Talking about running comes naturally from being a runner.
I run with others.  While often I am a solitary runner, I enjoy times when I have a partner.  I am also happy to run with others when they are just beginning and desire companionship during the difficult stage of getting in shape.
Who has been influenced by my running?  Two roommates from college now run consistently.  A high school friend trained for marathons with me.  Several young people who had gone on mission trips with me became runners.  My wife became a runner.
These are all people with whom I had built relationships, who had seen my enthusiasm and caught it.
When I compare my running to my Christian life, I am faced with some hard questions:
Is my Christianity a consistent part of my life which has visible results?
Do I reflect the joy of what it means to be a Christian?
Am I willing to talk about my faith, even to those who think it's crazy?
Would I spend time with others to help them grow in their Christian walk?
Acts 2:47 states that "the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved."  Could I as an individual hope to see people added to the church of Christ daily?  Maybe--if I started living my Christian life like I do my running.
READERS: J. Hansen, G. Ewers
HELPERS: K. Johnson, W. Overbeek, J. King, E. Jackett
GREETERS: F. & C. King
KEYBOARDS: N. Barnett, G. Allred
FLOWERS & CLEANING: B. & M. Clark, Young family
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