Sunday 20 August 2000
Welcome to our family and guests.  We extend a friendly Christian welcome and trust that you are encouraged and uplifted as you worship with us today.

I will sacrifice a thank offering to you and call on the name of the Lord.
I will fulfil my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people. Psalm 116:17

"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." -- 2 Corinthians 3:17

From the Pulpit:
A prophetic word.

The Holy Spirit is coming into the Church at Motueka, and He is saying to us this morning "Get ready for a greater revelation of the Son of the living God in the midst of the congregation."

Get ready for the reality of who Jesus is and will be through you individually and corporately because there are going to be people coming through those doors who don't know who Jesus is.  And it is no good for us to say "I knew Jesus as a baby, or I knew Jesus when He was in the carpenter's shop with His Father, or I knew Jesus from the story when He stayed behind and was talking to the teachers in the synagogue when His parents couldn't find Him."

Now that's fine to be able to take new believers this far on their walk, but there is a greater level of Glory that He wants us to bring into your lives and it's about to start in an accelerated sense.  I'm not saying that it never has been, but it is about to accelerate because the Spirit of God is going to start to break open: and it's going to happen in the young people, it's going to happen in our age, middle age, it's going to happen in those who have been around for quite a few years: and you are ready for something different, you're ready for change, you're ready to take hold of something fresh in God.

2 Corinthians 3:16
Whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is stripped off and taken away.
This not only speaks of Salvation, but it also speaks about repentance and it also speaks about turning to the Lord and saying,
"Lord, I'm ready for whatever it is you want to do in and through my life."

- Ross Bartlett, 6 August 2000, a.m. service.

No Service Tonight!

Next week, 27 August, 5pm.
Guest speaker: Al Fury.
Combined service with all churches.

The week ahead:
9:30am - Prayer for the service
10:00am - "Worship service" Fred King
12:00pm - Pot Luck lunch.
1:00pm - Annual general meeting.
7:30pm - B.J. & Chipo Mpofu meeting at the King's. ALL WELCOME
10:30am - Intercessory prayer meeting at the church
( Prayer for schools and the nation, and the church fellowship and planning. All welcome. Tuesday & Friday. )
5:00pm - Elders meeting at the church
7:30pm - Youth group: See Carolyn for details of your meeting.
7:30pm - NO MEETING for King's home group. Changed to Monday. ph. xxx xxxx
7:30pm - Whyte's home group meets at Rua's, Goddard Rd., ph. xxx xxxx
Everyone is welcome.
1:30pm - Please note change of time. Ladies group meets at Gweneth's at 1:30pm, ph. xxx xxxx. All welcome.
6pm-7pm - Prayer at the church, every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
( This month=10th & 24th August )
7:00pm - Music practice at church for those who want to be involved in the music on Sunday.
9:45am - Noah's Ark Play Group.

Al Fury, a world renown Evangelistic speaker, will be speaking at The Motueka Church of Christ on the 27th, 28th and 30th August.  This is a combined church programme.
Al and his wife Kathy live in Sydney, Australia and work under the covering of The Christian Life Centre, Sydney whose senior pastor is F. Houston.

Denis Shuker will be with us next Sunday morning.  He was a member of our church for many years and was released into service for O.M.S. International.  Denis and Joan work full time in overseas mission work in Hamilton.  We welcome you.

B.J. & Chipo Mpofu from Zimbabwe will be with us on Monday 21st August at the King's home at 9 Motueka Quay.  All home groups and others are welcomed.  They have an up to date knowledge of the missionary work being done in that country.  Come and hear where your support is being used.

The VOTING PAPERS for the positions of Men's Ministry and Ministry for the Elderly will be out today.  Please see Max for your paper to register your votes by 12:00pm today.

Your Bible Tax Love Gift from this church amounted to $245.50.  Thank you to all who gave generously.  Pray that the Bibles will be directed to the hands God has prepared.

Please pray for:
* Vicky who is home and is relearning how to use her dialysis equipment.
* all those who have the 'flu, or who have other various types of sickness.
* W. Little as she is not well.  Visits would continue to be helpful at this time.
* Lawrine who is now home, for a clear diagnosis and healing for her and peace for John.
* B. Mister who has serious cancer, that God's will be done and for his family to know God's presence, peace and strength.
* C. Scott as she begins to move house, that the transition will be smooth and stress free.
* the Youth Group and Alpha Teens.
* the Elders, the Home Groups and Women's Group.
* our Elderly as cold days can take their toll on their health.
* the A.G.M., today, for God to be over all, through all and in all (Ephesians 4:5).
* the intercessory prayer warriors, for strength and discernment.
* our prayer line partners, for direction and discernment.
* our missionary churches in South Africa, N. and M. Sibanda, and B.J. & Chipo Mpofu as they meet with us this week, for peace & God's protection.
* our church family, for strengthened unity and love.
* the music ministry and all those involved, to serve as to the Lord.
* G. Leppien and Myrtle, for health and peace.
* B. Melse for healing on his leg.
* Lesley and Bob as they deal with a family bereavement, for strength and peace.
* those on the prayer line.

Cleansing Streams
Because of popular demand, another seminar is on its way!!
We have 8 or 9 people registered for the next session.  Well done.
Please see Colleen for registration forms.

Open Home Foundation
A special invitation to their Millennium Celebration.  A thanksgiving service will be at the Nelson Cathedral on Sunday 3rd September 2-3pm.
Followed by an afternoon tea, children's party and special presentation to Ewen. (3pm at Nelson Girls College hall.)
Guest speaker: E. Laurenson - Founder of Open Home Foundation N.Z.

Christchurch - 25th & 26th Aug. or Wellington - 27th & 28th Oct.
Anyone interested, please contact Neville G. for registrations.

Motueka Church of Christ Prayer Line
For urgent and long term needs, please phone Johanna (xxx xxxx) or Carol (xxx xxxx).

Motueka Church of Christ Food Bank
for any needs: phone Gweneth and Lawrie (xxx xxxx).

B. Overbeek has been reading a book entitled "Through Blood and Fire. The Life of William Booth" by T. Yaxley.  He came across an interesting chapter he would like to share with anyone who is interested.  Contact Bill for an interesting read.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
A. Storer 23 August
L. & G. Didcott 23 August
N. White 26 August
-- Everyone, have a neat day!
The Service Plan for 27th August 2000:
Preaching: 10:00am Guest speaker: Denis Shuker from O.M.S.
5:00pm Al Fury. Combined service here.
Helpers: S. Tucker, D. Tucker, D. Trewavas, A. Holyoake, I. Evenden
Greeters: E. & N. Jackett
Host Family: R. & D. Tucker
Cleaning & Flowers: M. & H. Jeffries, C. Repp
Church Elders: Max Jeffries, ph. xxx xxxx
Fred King, ph. xxx xxxx (Co-ordinator)
Robbie Tucker, ph. xx xxx xxxx
Martin Whyte, ph. xxx xxxx
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