Sunday 11 March 2001
Welcome to our Father's House.  We trust you find this a great time of sharing together around the Lord's Table and in His Word, and enjoying fellowship with the Saints.  If we can assist you today please make your request known to the door stewards or one of the Elders.  If you have no church home and you wish to consider this as: "the place of the planting of the Lord" then please see Fred King, our church co-ordinator.

From the Word: Unfamiliar Paths
"Along unfamiliar paths will I guide them: I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth." -- Isaiah 42:16

Are you trying to find the will of God?  If so, then you need to understand that God speaks to us in the following ways:

First, through proven leadership.  "Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves" (Hebrews 13:17).  Who speaks into your life?  To whom are you submitted?

Second, through your gifts.  Listen, "A man's gift makes room for Him" (Proverbs 18:16). You won't have to kick the door open, your gift will always meet a need for someone else, so find your gift and develop it, for it's the key to your destiny.

Third, through your thoughts.  The Bible says, "We have the mind of Christ" (1 Cor. 2:16).  God thinks His thoughts through us when our minds are "renewed" (Romans 12:2).  What a privilege.  But the challenge is learning to recognise His thoughts, and to trust them.

Fourth, through open doors.  Paul said, "Because a great door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many who oppose me" (1 Cor. 16:9).  Every opportunity God gives us will bring opposition, but even that will build your faith and strengthen you.

Fifth, through His word. (added)  Remember, when you try to follow the Lord in unfamiliar paths, it'll scare you and probably stretch you.  If both elements are at work in your life today, you are probably on the right track.  Be patient.  The longer you walk with God, the more you'll understand His leading, so just spend some time with Him today.

From "The Word for Today" daily devotional November, December, January issue 1998-1999 for Friday, Nov. 27th.  Copies of the devotional are made available at church from Rhema Broadcasting Group.

Today 10am: Fred King
"Tonight at 7": Carolyn Greaney and our Youth


The week ahead:
9:15am - Music at the church
9:30am - Prayer for the service
10:00am - "Worship service" Fred King
6:15pm - Music at the church
6:30pm - Prayer for the service
7:00pm - "Tonight at 7" Carolyn Greaney
9:00am - Intercessory prayer meeting at the church
( Prayer for schools and the nation, and the church fellowship and planning. All welcome. Tuesday & Friday. )
7:30pm - Youth: see Brent & Tracey or Carolyn for details.
1:45pm - The Daytime home group at Ron & Val R.'s home, 170 Queen Victoria St.
7:30pm - Tasman home group at the Golda & Albert R.'s home, Goddard Rd.
7:30pm - King's home group at 9 Motueka Quay.
1:30pm - Women's home group at Gweneth D.'s home, 456a High St.  Theme "Women of Faith"
7:30pm - Music practice at the church for all those who wish to be involved in Sunday worship.  Introducing new songs.
9:00am - Intercessory prayer meeting at the church.

There will be a Sunday School/Kids Church programme available most Sundays after communion has finished.  The teachers will take the children to the Sunday School room at this time.
This will be for the kindergarten age through to year 6 children (4 - 10 yrs) and all are welcome.  We request that all children remain under their own parents supervision during the service up 'til this time.
Please feel free to use the creche for younger children but they must be supervised by their parent/caregiver.

Come and enjoy fellowship and a picnic afternoon tea together (plus a short walk for those who wish to).
Thursday 15th March
Those with transport meet at the church at 2pm.
Others will be phoned to arrange transport.
You may wish to bring a fold-up chair.

at Motueka Recreation Centre for ages 5 to 13 years
Wide variety of quality fun activities and care
Children collected from School and delivered home
Afternoon tea provided & tuck shop open for extras
$3 per child per day
Afternoon programme - 2:30pm Monday; 3:00pm Tuesday to Friday
URGENTLY NEEDED - helpers for the daily running of the programme
Contact Leon S. xxx xxxx or xxx xxxxxx

Here's a thought:
Do not pray for easy lives.  Pray to be strong men.  When the outlook is bad, try the uplook.

Pray for:
* the Youth Group and Alpha Teens, Brent & Tracey P. and Neville & Carolyn G.
* the Elders and the Board members
* Betty H. as she recuperates from an operation
* Chrissie who has not been well lately
* Dorothy who has been to the hospital for tests
* Bill O. as he undergoes treatment in the hospital
* Win L. as she is having trouble with her legs
* Bible in Schools as the new year commences, that plenty of Christian volunteers will be available to teach Bible in School classes.
* against road fatalities; that the road toll will continue to decline rapidly.
* for Police, Fire Officers and Ambulance Officers - for all those people who work for our safety and protection.  Pray for their protection and also for the safety and protection of those they seek to help.
* Doctors, Nurses and other hospital staff especially in our region.
* Christian radio and T V programmes; for the freedom to share the Christian faith through public broadcasting on Radio and T V.

During the last war an English farmer sent a contribution to a mission group, making apology for the smallness of the gift, "due to dry weather and the lack of water on his farm."  He added a request that the staff pray that no German bombs fall on his property.

The leader of the mission answered, thanking him for his gift, but saying that they were only praying "The Lord's will be done" as far as the bombs were concerned.  The answer was somewhat of a puzzle to the farmer who had so earnestly requested prayer for God's protection.

The farmer's faith was severely shaken when, not too long after, a huge bomb shook the earth with a deafening roar, breaking windows and tearing things up in general.  "Is this the Lord's will?" questioned the man.  "Should this happen to me?"  But investigation showed no damage to any livestock or to his family.  And what should rise from the bottom of the still-smoking crater but a gushing spring of crystal-clear water!

The next harvest a much-enlarged cheque arrived at the mission as the man wrote of the blessing that the bomb had been to him and his water-needy neighbours.
This was better than having no bomb fall!

When we have prayed, and what we have feared comes, look for the springs of God's blessings!
Source: 'Fair Dinkum' (Christian magazine on internet)

The Salvation Army RED SHIELD APPEAL May 1st - 7th.
Collectors (aged 16 or over) are required for the Motueka area.
If you can assist, please phone Bruce or Lee on xxx xxxx.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
C. Thorn 15 March
M. & P. Whyte 16 March
-- Everyone, have a neat day.
The Phoning List and Birthday/Wedding Anniversary lists are being updated.
Please contact Colleen, xxx xxxx, for any additions or alterations.
Existing names will not be deleted unless requested or changed membership
The Service Plan for 18th March 2001:
Preaching: 10:00am Ross Heyward
Helpers: D. Trewavas, B. Clark, L. Didcott, R. Fowler, L. Fowler
Greeters: M. & D. Harris
Host Family: M. & D. Harris
Cleaning & Flowers: G. & A. Rua, E. & N. Jackett
Church Elders: Max Jeffries, ph, xxx xxxx
Fred King, ph xxx xxxx (Co-ordinator)
Robbie Tucker, ph. xx xxx xxxx
Martin Whyte, ph. xxx xxxx
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