Sunday 18 August 2002

374 High St., Motueka.
Pastors: Fred & Colleen King.

Welcome to our Father's House.  We trust you find this a great time of sharing together around the Lord's Table, in His Word, and enjoying fellowship with the Saints.  If we can assist you today please make your request known to the door stewards or one of the Elders.  If you have no church home and you wish to consider this as: "the place of the planting of the Lord" please see Fred or Colleen, ph xxx xxxx.

Worship & Prayer =
Communication with God the Father

* Praising God -- Hebrews 13:15
* Listening to God -- John 10:27
* Waiting on the Lord -- Psalm 27:14
* Asking God for what we need -- Matthew 7:7-11
* Confess sin & ask for forgiveness -- 1 John 1:9
* Praying for others -- 1 Timothy 2:1
* Spiritual Warfare -- Ephesians 6:10-18
* Thanking God -- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Today at 10am: C. Greaney
Tonight at 5pm: P. Dwyer

The week ahead:

9:15am - Music at the church.
9:30am - Prayer for the service.
10:00am - "Worship Service" C. Greaney
4:15pm - Music at the church.
4:30pm - Prayer for the service.
5:00pm - "Tonight at 5" P. Dwyer
9:00am - Intercessory Prayer meeting at the church.
10:00am - "mainly music" at the church.
5:00pm - Elders meet at the church.
7:30pm - FuGen Youth 13 upwards meet at the church.
2:00pm - Senior Saints home group this week at J. Hansen's home.
7:30pm - Home group at the King's, 9 Motueka Quay.
7:30pm - Fuez It (19-30's) meet at Pickworth's home, High St.
9:00am - Intercessory Prayer meeting at the church.
1:30pm - Women's Home group meet at Gweneth's home, 456a High St.
7:30pm - Ministry & Gifts at church or Bethany
7:30pm - Marriage & More.

From the Board:
Nominations for deacons.
1. G. Didcott was nominated for the position of "Caring for the Elderly" and as she has already held this position, no voting is required.
2. Two nominations were received for the position of Secretary, C. Greaney and S. Jarmai.  The board would like to recommend Carolyn as Deacon but also Simone as a Minute Secretary and Computer Operator when required but working under the direction of Carolyn & the Board.  If there are no objections to this proposal, this will be ratified at the A G M on the 25th of August.

Next week:
Annual General Meeting / Shared Lunch / No Evening Service

August the 25th will be our A. G. M. here at the church after the morning service and shared lunch.  All members and attending people are encouraged to attend to discuss the following year's activities and direction.  Approx. 1:00pm start.

IMPORTANT: A G M REPORTS available today.
Please receive your copy & read before next week.

To grow tall spiritually, a man must learn to kneel.
Prayers cannot be answered unless they are prayed.
You can't possibly stumble if you are on your knees.

P stands for Praise.
Spend the first part of your time with the Lord in praise and worship.
R is for Repent.
The next part of your prayer time is repentance.  Tell God about your sin and ask Him for forgiveness.
A is Ask.
anything for anybody.  When Jesus prayed for other people he prayed boldly.
Y is Yourself.
Bring your concerns and needs to the Lord.
Romans 8:27  Ephesians 6:18  Hebrews 7:24-25

A -- Acknowledge / admire
C -- Confession
T -- Thanksgiving
S -- Supplication

9 Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy name
10 Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven
(Declaring God's will,  Seeking His will and purpose)
11 Give us this day our daily bread
(Requests and Petition)
12 Forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors
13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.  For Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever, Amen.
(Request-Guidance,  Worship-Intimacy)

Why pray?
* Jesus did.
* All relationships require communication.
* Allows the Holy Spirit to challenge us and to speak to us.
* It is powerful.  Helps us to know God.
* Gives God the authority to move on our behalf.
* Makes our spirit stronger.  (We are meant to be spirit led people).
* Helps us to hear God and to know His direction for us.
* We get strength and skill to do the things He would have us do.
* We get the courage and confidence to do each thing that He brings along to challenge us with.
* We become more like God.
* It Causes our sinful nature to grow weak.
* And Our spiritual nature to grow strong.

A Thank You Note
To Pastor Fred & Colleen, for officiating at Dad's funeral, for your love and support, Thank you.  To Gweneth, Johanna, Veronica and to those who sent their messages of sympathy and love in so many ways, we Thank you and praise God for you,
Nan, Joy and families.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
A. Dwyer 5 August
M. Allan 18 August
L. Smits 22 August
A. & N. McGhie 22 August
A. Storer 23 August
L. & G. Didcott 23 August
-- Everyone, have a neat day.
The Service Plan for 25th August 2002:
Preaching: 10am F. King; 5pm No service
Helpers: J. Pirie, E. Repp, A. Rua, G. Rua
Greeters: D. Trewavas
Host Family: A. & G. Rua
Flowers/Cleaning: R. & L. Fowler, C. Repp
Church ministries:
Fred King ph xxx xxxx (Pastor/Elder)
Neville Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder/ Men's Ministry)
Max Jeffries ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder)
Martin Whyte ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder)
Brent & Tracey Pickworth ph xxx xxxx (Youth Leaders)
C. & N. Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Alpha Teens)
L. Smits ph xxx xxxx (Kool Kids/Sunday School)
N. Hovenden ph xxx xxxx (Encouragement Ministry)
G. & L. Didcott ph xxx xxxx (Food Bank/ Senior Saints Ministry)
C. King ph xxx xxxx (News letter Editor & mainly music)
Our mission:
-- To see souls saved.
-- To worship and glorify God.
-- To equip the Church to grow into unity, maturity and wholeness.
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374 High Street, Motueka. ph 528 9795