22-23 March 2003

Serving Motueka for 100 years!!!
1903 - 2003

Our mission statement:
To see souls saved.
To worship and glorify God.
To equip the Church to grow into unity, maturity and wholeness.

Our vision:
In direct obedience to Jesus, we choose to build our Heavenly Father's House on the principle that:    "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God."

Let him who has My Word, speak My Word faithfully. --Jeremiah 23:28

The Word of God being our guide, counsellor and inspiration, directing all things and in all things at all times. --Ephesians 4:5

We extend to each and every one of you a very warm welcome to our 100th year - our "Centenary Celebrations"
and trust that you enjoy our time in walking with us through the pages of the History of our church.  It has been a privilege to share in the building of the character of Motueka over the last 100 years and we look forward to working with the people of this town over the next 100.

We are proud of our past and present pioneers.

Our 100 year "Centenary" 22nd-23rd March 2003
"100 years of worship and family involvement in Motueka"
Saturday 22nd: 6:00pm - Light dinner followed by an action packed programme.
Sunday 23rd: 10:00am - Sunday Service: Like Mum & Dad used to have.
Centenary Luncheon: after the morning service.

Did you know that:
* Our beginning was formed on the basis of a desire to restore the teachings of New Testament Christianity.  This was called the "Restoration Movement."
* This gave rise to our name A Church of Christ- Motueka Church of Christ.
* The church first met in the home of R. Farley 1902 with 11 membership.
* When numbers grew, he rented the Lower Moutere hall for the first services.
* We were first registered at conference in 1902/03
* The Motueka Church first met in the Fire Brigade Hall 1905 or 1909.
* We purchased the block of land at 374 High St. in 1914 for 300 pounds.
* Our pioneers built the church over two Saturdays in January 1915 - 9th & 16th.
People left home at approx 1:00am to come from Richmond/Wai-iti/Tadmor to help.
* Our first three services were on the next day 17th Jan 1915 (3 in one day).
* J. Holden formed the first Senior Bible Class on 25th July 1915.
* We amalgamated with Moutere 18th Nov 1925 - Attendance was then 35.
* Our first Deacons- 2nd Dec 1925 were Bros. Checker, W.R. Glover, E. Jeffries, R. Elford, Charlie Fawcett, Charlie Limmer, Fred Farley & George Farley.
* Our first Treasurer was C. Limmer.
* Our first Secretary was E. Jeffries (Dad of Max & Lloyd).
* Our first Sunday School Superintendent was W.R. Glover 18th Nov 1925.
* Our first full time minister was Matthew Bell 1929-1936, who was paid 5 pounds a week and lived in what was the South Store House!
* Greetings were sent from this church to the opening of the Bible College of Dunedin on the 5th July 1927 with readings 2 Cor.6:1-3, 1 Cor.15:5-8.
* The Dec AGM 1928 decided the secretary & treasurer co-sign all cheques.
* A notice board required for the road was discussed 20th April 1929.
* From the 20th April 1929 the church building was to be locked.
* Bibles purchased for Sunday School on 3rd Dec. by Bros. Glover cost 1/8d.
* The first Song leader was appointed on 24th Nov 1930.
* Plain envelopes were introduced and the Sunday School Superintendent was asked to not allow children to throw paper around the buildings or grounds.
* The first discussion to bring an organ into the service and to investigate the use of individual cups for communion was on Dec 11th 1930.
* The organ was introduced into the church on 22nd Nov 1931.
* The Sunday School Hall was erected in 1935, the church cost 275 pounds, and the hall 225 pounds.
* Harvest Festival monies to be held by the first mentioned "Sisters Circle" 32's.
* We incorporated a piano into the service with the organ on 13th July 1938.
* Average attendances in 1938 were 54.
* The first mentioned Youth Service was held on the 11th September 1940.
* Women wishing to deliver an address to the church assembly were to obtain permission from the office bearer/15 February 1938.
* Blackout shutters were made 9/6/1942 and parcels were sent to the soldiers.
* They began the first discussion/draft of the Constitution on 17th October 1944.
* On 25th June 1946, Albert Clark introduced "Cottage Prayer Meeting."
* That our first Elders were Vick Wilson & Geoff Barrow, 23rd March 1947.

Early Pioneers & Evangelists
Barton Stone-1804- Eng-USA/Thomas & Alexander Campbell - 1809- Eng-USA
Walter Scott - 1823/Thomas Jackson from Scotland 2nd March 1844
J.J. Franklin    J.G. Price    Mr. Phillips
Edward Lewis who often walked from Belgrove to preach to the Saints in Motueka.
Fred Marshall 1921    Walter Russ
Bros. Kyme, Tent Meeting 25th Sept. 1921.

Motueka Church of Christ Ministers: 1929-2003
Matthew Bell 1929-1936
Eric Light 1937-1939
Murray Savage 1939-1943
D'Arcy Woolf 1944-1949
Roger Marshall 1950-1955
Ronald Hoffman 1956-1959
Own ministry & guest speakers 1960
Clive Grundy 1961-1965
Eric Williams 1966-1974
Own ministry & guest speakers 1975-1977
Steve Moore 1977-1980
Own ministry & guest speakers 1980
John Westwell 1981-1985
Terry Randall 1986-1988
Tony Barnett 1989-1997/8
Darryl Schelbach 1998-1999
Fred King 2000-2002
Fred King & Graeme Benjamin 2003
Present Church ministries:
Fred King ph xxx xxxx (Pastor/Elder/Facilitator)
Graeme Benjamin ph xx xxx xxxx (Pastor/Elder/Ministry to the Elderly)
Neville Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder/Men's Ministry)
Max Jeffries ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder)
Martin Whyte ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder)
Brent & Tracey Pickworth ph xxx xxxx (Youth Leaders)
C. & N. Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Alpha Teens)
L. Smits ph xxx xxxx (Kool Kids/Kids Church)
L. Fowler ph xxx xxxx (Deacon)
E. Repp ph xxx xxxx (Deacon)
A. Rua ph xxx xxxx (Deacon)
C. Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Deacon)
G. & L. Didcott ph xxx xxxx (Deacon/Food Bank/Senior Saints Ministry)
N. Hovenden ph xxx xxxx (Encouragement Ministry)
G. Rua ph xxx xxxx (The Christian Reporter)
J. Overbeek ph xxx xxxx (Prayer requests/ prayer chain)
C. King ph xxx xxxx (News letter Editor & "mainly music")
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374 High Street, Motueka. ph 528 9795