Sunday 29 June 2003

374 High St., Motueka.
Pastors: Fred & Colleen King.

Welcome to our Father's House.  We trust you find this a great time of sharing together around the Lord's Table, in His Word, and enjoying fellowship with the Saints.  If we can assist you today please make your request known to the door stewards or one of the Elders.  If you have no church home and you wish to consider this as: "the place of the planting of the Lord" please see Fred or Colleen, ph xxx xxxx.

Our Mission == Save, Worship, Equip, Build, Empower

Call to PRAY - Joel 2:1
Blow the trumpet in Zion
and sound an alarm on my Holy Mountain!
For the day of the Lord is coming for it is at hand.

Pray for:

Revival -- Acts 2:17-18
Souls -- 2 Peter 3:9 N I V
Spiritual Warfare -- Zechariah 4:6
Missionaries -- Matthew 9:37-38
Evangelists -- Matthew 9:37-38
Pastors -- Ephesians 6:19-20
Church Leaders -- Ephesians 6:19-20
Church -- Ephesians 5:27
New Christians -- Galatians 4:19
Families -- 1 Corinthians 11:3
Government -- 1 Timothy 2:1-2
Schools -- Psalm 119:115
Jerusalem -- Psalm 122:6
Healing -- Isaiah 53:5
Deliverance -- Psalm 6:4
Seeking God -- Psalm 119:10

Today at 10am: C. Greaney
Tonight at 5pm: P. Dwyer

The week ahead:

9:15am - Music at the church.
9:30am - Prayer for the service.
10:00am - "Worship Service" C. Greaney
10:30am - Kids Church today.
5:00pm - "Tonight at 5" P. Dwyer
9:00am - Intercessory Prayer meeting at the church.
10:00am - "mainly music" - church foyer.
5:00pm - Elders meet at the church.
7:30pm - FuGen meet at the church.
12:00pm - Elders luncheon at the Pickworth's. Net Work Study.
2:00pm - Senior Saints home group - check with Max.
7:30pm - King's Home group - meet at the Greaney's home, Quay Link.
7:30pm - Fuez It - Net works video at Chris & Sarah's.
9:00am - Intercessory Prayer meeting at the church.
1:15pm - Women's Home group is at Gweneth's.
7:30pm - Young Marrieds - Nite off due to Music Meeting.
7:30pm - MUSIC MEETING at the church 7:30-10:00pm

for the new renovations will be during the morning services of May/June where you are invited to share in this exciting work with monetary gifts.

Finishes today!!  $13,000 received to date.

Coming Events:
Get Smart:
Youth Conference July 8th-12th 2003. SOON  SOON  SOON
Ask for time off now, start saving, and prepare for the best "God" time of your life.

HANGI Tonight: Fund raising for Get Smart.
-- 6:30ish pm -- After the evening service.
WANTED: any donations of potato, pumpkin, kumara, cabbage, onion, eggs, helpers etc., servers, see P. Dwyer ASAP

MUSIC MEETING at the church - Thursday 3rd July for all those involved in Music Ministry.

Wednesday, 2nd July at 10:00am at the Church of Christ.
ALL WELCOME to bring a friend with you.
Speaker: David Harris

Bending our knees in prayer keeps us from breaking under the load of cares.

The Salvation Army invite you to their:
"September Spring with Music" 9 Sept 9:45am

If your troubles are deep seated and long standing, try kneeling.
The best cure for a short temper is a lengthy prayer.
"Kneeology" will do more for the world than theology.
It is impossible to be prayerful and pessimistic at the same time.

Please pray for:
* The various Home Groups and Fred & Colleen, Graeme & Heather, Brent & Tracey, the Elders, the Board, Leon & Leanne, and team leaders and their safety.
* the Kid's Church/Sunday School children and Staff, helpers and Kool Kids leaders and Kool Kids as they continue with their programme.
* Tim, Emma, Jonathan & Melanie as they lead & minister to the Tuesday FuGen group.
* Gwen, Floss, Win and Cynthia who are unable to attend church most days; visits would be welcomed.
* Carolyn and Paul as they bring the "WORD" today.
* The mainly music team and the Mums/Dads.  We have over 12 children attending!
* Those who are or have not been well.
* Please add to your prayer list and pray for the two families above your name in the phone list and for the two families below your name & all others on the phone list.
* The youth and new Christians as new programmes continue.
* John H. as he continues to have treatment.
* Concilia as she needs to renew her application and clear focus for her.
* The unsaved in our town, for their salvation and the part God wants you to take in His plan for them.
* For our Nation & our Government Leaders - for wisdom and for blessing on their lives.
* For your neighbour-your friend-your contact people - again ask God about the part He wants you to take in His plan for them.
* Our Harvest fields and workers for the fields - IT MAY BE YOU !!!
* The Fulfillment of our Vision & Mission Statements - that we will unite and agree to:
"save-worship-equip-build & empower"

Please pray for J. Taylor (previously from Bethany Park) for the loss of her mother during this past week and for help over their time in shifting house.  The funeral was Thursday and house moving day was Friday !!
Also for L. Christie as she goes into hospital for a hand operation.

Some more...
Please don't pray for rain if you are going to complain about the mud?

When the road of life is steep and slippery, prayer in action gives us traction.

Regardless of your passion in life, getting on your knees will help to keep you on your toes.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
B. & J. Haycock 30 June
S. Tolson 1 July
B. Hancox 3 July
W. Donovan 4 July
-- Everyone, have a neat week.
The Service Plan for 6th July 2003:
Preaching: 10am G. Benjamin; 5pm Youth
Helpers: A. Rua, G. Rua, E. Repp, P. Shirley
Greeters: A. & G. Rua
Host Family: A. & G. Rua
Crèche: Gweneth & Tracey
Cleaning & Flowers: M. & D. Harris, L. Smits
Church ministries:
Fred & Colleen King ph xxx xxxx (Senior Pastors/Fred as Elder-Facilitator)
Graeme Benjamin ph xx xxx xxxx (Pastor/Elder/Ministry to the Elderly)
Brent & Tracey Pickworth ph xxx xxxx (Pastors/ Brent as Elder)
Neville Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder/ Men's Ministry)
Max Jeffries ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder)
Martin Whyte ph xxx xxxx (Church Elder)
E. Greaney & T. Fifita ph xxx xxxx (FuGen)
M. & J. King ph xxx xxxx (FuGen)
C. & N. Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Alpha Teens)
L. & L. Smits ph xxx xxxx (Kool Kids/Kids Church)
N. Hovenden ph xxx xxxx (Encouragement Ministry)
G. & L. Didcott ph xxx xxxx (Food Bank/ Senior Saints Ministry)
G. Rua ph xxx xxxx (The Christian Reporter)
J. Overbeek ph xxx xxxx (Prayer requests/ prayer chain)
C. King ph xxx xxxx (News letter Editor & "mainly music")
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374 High Street, Motueka. ph 528 9795