Sunday 18 January 2004

374 High St., Motueka.
Senior Pastors: Fred & Colleen King.

Welcome to our Father's House.  We trust you find this a great time of sharing together around the Lord's Table, in His Word, and enjoying fellowship together.  If we can help you in any way please make your request known to the door stewards or one of the Elders.  If you have no church home and you wish to consider this as "the place of the planting of the Lord" please see Fred or Colleen, ph xxx xxxx or Brent & Tracey, ph xxx xxxx.

Our Mission Statement is to:
Save, Worship, Equip, Empower, Perfect = SWEEP

Haggai 1:8, 13 & 14
"A call to build the house of the LORD!"

8: "Now go up into the hills, bring down timber, and build my house.  Then I will take pleasure in it and be honoured," says the LORD.

13: Then Haggai, the LORD's messenger, gave the people this message from the LORD:  "I am with you," declares the LORD!

14: So the LORD stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, Jeshua son of Jehozadak, the high priest, and the spirit of the whole remnant of God's people.  They came and began to work on the house of the LORD Almighty, their God.

Today at 10am: F. King
Tonight at 6pm: NO SERVICE

The week ahead:

9:00am - Music at the church.
9:30am - Prayer for the service.
10:00am - "Worship Service" F. King
10:30am - NO Kids Church today.
6:00pm - "Tonight at 6" NO SERVICE
6:00am - Intercessory Prayer meeting at the church.
5:00pm - Elders meet at the church.
9:00am - Intercessory Prayer meeting at the church.
All home/connect groups in recess until next month.

Coming Events:
* E. Lavery in concert playing the Bishop organ. Sunday 1st Feb., 3:00pm, 320 Hardy St., Nelson.
* Pastors M. & D. Lazarus from Beit Immanuel Congregation, Jaffa, Tel Aviv- Mon. 19th Jan. - Motueka Baptist Church - 6pm - shared meal - Israeli dancing - 7:15pm as guest speakers.
* I W T (Impact World Tour) training evenings in Nelson - 10th-15th Feb. - Watch this space and join a team from our church when we go over to Nelson for a training session. N.B. -- I W T will be in Mot on the 25th Feb.  Ask a friend as your guest.

Please pray for:
* The various Connect Groups & Leaders.
* the Mainly Music team/Kids Church/Alpha teens/Youth activities etc.
* all who are unwell - visits would be welcome.
* Fred as he brings the "WORD" today.
* Please add to your prayer list and pray for the two or three families above your name in the phone list and for the two or three families below your name & all others.
* The youth and new Christians as discipleship programmes continue.
* Our Harvest fields and workers for the fields - IT MAY BE YOU !!!
* The fulfillment of our Vision & Mission Statements - that we will unite and agree to "save-worship-equip-empower-perfect" = SWEEP !
* The countries who have suffered severe earthquakes and floodings.

* Pray especially for D. Harris as he receives treatment in Christchurch, for M. Clark as she begins treatment and celebrate with Concilia as she awaits the arrival of her two children.

Other Family News
Welcome to our church family Mr. & Mrs. T. & E. Fifita.

Jonathan & Melanie will be leaving for Napier close to the end of this month.  Take the opportunity to wish them well as they leave to make their new home "up north."

We think of Troy S. as he suffers the loss of his 14 year old daughter who was drowned in a Twizel swimming pool last week.  Troy came to our church earlier this year to learn about our programmes and church policies etc. as he has an active part in the new church developing under the guidance of Ross & Glynda B.  His address is in our church phone book if you wish to write to him.  Troy -- our prayers and sympathy are with you and your family.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
J. Jarmai 13 January
M. Greaney 15 January
A. Smits 16 January
S. Whyte 18 January
J. & M. King 18 January
G. & H. Benjamin 20 January
R. & Y. Troughton 21 January
J. Edgecombe 23 January
-- Everyone, have a neat week.
The Service Plan for 25th January 2004:
Preaching: 10am M. Whyte; 5pm BBQ
Helpers: A. Rua, G. Rua, E. Repp
Greeters: W. & J. Overbeek
Host Family: W. & J. Overbeek
Crèche: Emma & Gweneth
Cleaning & Flowers: G. Didcott, N. Hovenden
Church ministries:
Fred & Colleen King ph xxx xxxx (Senior Pastors/Fred as Elder/Facilitator)
Graeme Benjamin ph xx xxx xxxx (Pastor/Elder/Ministry to the Elderly)
Brent & Tracey Pickworth ph xxx xxxx (Pastors/Brent as Elder)
Neville Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Elder/Men's Ministry)
Max Jeffries ph xxx xxxx (Elder Emeritus)
Martin Whyte ph xxx xxxx (Elder)
E. & T. Fifita ph xxx xxxx (FuGen)
C. & N. Greaney ph xxx xxxx (Kids Alpha Teens)
C. King ph xxx xxxx (Kids Church)
N. Hovenden ph xxx xxxx (Encouragement Ministry)
G. & L. Didcott ph xxx xxxx (Food Bank/Senior Saints Ministry)
G. Rua ph xxx xxxx (The Christian Reporter)
J. Overbeek ph xxx xxxx (Prayer requests/prayer chain)
C. King ph xxx xxxx (News letter Editor & "mainly music")
C. Greaney & S. Jarmai (Church secretaries)
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374 High Street, Motueka. ph 528 9795