Sunday 6 September 2009
Good morning and a warm welcome to our services at 10a.m. and 6p.m. today.

A big happy Father's Day to the fathers with us this morning and you can look forward to a service aimed at Dads today.

Tonight at our 6:00pm service Pastor Michael will be speaking a great message so plan to be there.

I am aware there are many going through sickness and trials in the church at the moment and want to encourage you to stand strong. As a church, let's be praying for one another.
-- Pastor Brent.

Dear Friend
We welcome you to the greatest adventure of all time - a personal relationship with the one true God who created you. God has such an incredible plan for your life... believing in Him is only the very beginning.

Please talk to a friend today or contact anyone from the church team.

Church Vision
Our focus as a church is:

1. To care for and grow those within our fellowship through various expressions. We call this 'Church Life.'
2. To empower the church to reach more and more people with the love of Jesus Christ through various initiatives and practical demonstrations of care. This is known as 'Community Reach.'

This Week:
Monday 7th 7:30pm Unique Women: Carolyn on Cambodia
Tuesday 8th 6am Prayer Meeting @ church
Tuesday 8th 10am Mainly Music @ church hall
Tuesday 8th 7:30pm Business Sense @ Troughton's
Wednesday 9th 7:30pm DownLoad @ Michael's
Wednesday 9th 7:30pm Up Front @ Pickworth's
Wednesday 9th 7:30pm Carolyn & Neville's Home Group
Wednesday 9th 7:30pm Payne's Home Group @ 8 Kingstan Place
Thursday 10th 6pm Sublime Music Practice
Friday 11th 5-6:30pm Katalyst - Intermediate age group
Friday 11th 8pm-late Sublime - 13 to 18 years
Saturday 12th 9:00am Working Bee @ church

* Working Bee. On this Saturday at 9:00am. There'll be something for everyone to do so plan to be there as many hands make light work.

* No Mums 4 Mums for this week only.

* Goodbye ladies. This week a group of our women fly up to Auckland for Sistas Women's Conference. We know you'll all have an amazing time full of God, friendships and fun - Be blessed as you head away for a few days. And ... let's remember the Dads who'll be left fending for themselves and their kids, (see if any of them make it to church on time next Sunday. LOL!)

* Unique Women. This Monday, Carolyn G. speaks on her experiences in Cambodia. See you there.

* Thank You. The church recently gave a donation to TEAR Fund for an urgent water relief project in Somalia. A thank you card from them has been sent to our church and is pinned to the notice board.

* Did you arrange finance with the church to go to the Move 09 conference? The money is now due. Please pay to Lesley F. as soon as possible.

* Listen to NZ's Rhema (801AM) and you could win $XXXX worth of resources to help this church impact our community. Our church's name and a cue to call the station will be announced from time to time during September.

* Free range eggs for sale. See Chris or Bill T. to obtain some.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
F. Pickworth 6 September
B. Pickworth 7 September
A. Ryder 8 September
M. & S. O'Callaghan 11 September
C. Armstrong 12 September
-- May God bless you on your special day!
Helpers: M. Whyte, P. Whyte, S. Murray
Greeters: C. Saunders, A. Smits
Host Family: R. & L. Fowler

Helpers: L. Hansen, J. Marshall, T. Fifita
Greeters: M. & P. Whyte
Host Family: M. & P. Whyte
Cleaning: P. & M. Dwyer

Flowers for the Month: L. Fowler
Senior Pastors: Brent and Tracey Pickworth brent@lifeat374.org.nz
Assistant Pastors: Shane and Kathryn Murray shane@lifeat374.org.nz
Assistant Pastors: Fred and Colleen King Ph xxx xxxx
Youth Pastor: Michael Greaney michael@lifeat374.org.nz

Pastor's PA: Sally J.
Youth Pastor's PA: Elly D.

Children's Ministry: Lisa S.
Pastoral Care: Neville and Carolyn G.

Life Groups: Shane M.
Worship Ministry: Brent and Tracey P.
Reach Ministry: Tim and Emma F.
Creative Ministry: John and Mellisa S.

Prayer Ministry: Richard and Yvonne D.
Prayer Chain: Carol R.

Multimedia: Michael G.
Support Ministries: Neville G.
Marketing Director: Sally J.
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