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Dear Church,

As Christmas is almost upon us we want to take the time to marvel at the wonder of the season. Christmas affects us all in different ways; for many it is a time of exciting expectation, joy, relaxation and family times; for others decorating homes, planning menus and Christmas shopping cause a rush of busyness and stress. Still for others Christmas is a reminder that loved ones are no longer with us. Christmas has yet again snuck up on many of us so quickly and as we look back over the past 12 months we want to express our appreciation for the huge volunteer base that many of you have been part of within church life. Because you have played your role well, we as a church have experienced another awesome year - so take the break that you so well deserve and know that the contribution you have brought to our church this year has been a blessing to both Tracey and myself. Through this season, can we encourage you to pause in the midst of all the busyness to listen and to watch. As we listen and as we watch, we experience God's glory in a Bethlehem manger and we are filled with awe. As we listen and as we watch, we notice and marvel at God's presence in the world around us. As we listen and as we watch, we begin to really see the important things around us: sharing love, showing kindness, laughter, calmness and an inner strength that comes from being still and knowing that He is God.
God bless you all this Christmas.
-- Brent and Tracey, Fletcher, Preston and Jonty.

This year KiwiLink has focused on boreholes to provide clean drinking water for those living in rural areas of Zimbabwe. In 2008/09 KiwiLink's focus was food relief and raised NZ$XX,XXX, but with a reasonable harvest last season and rain at present they are not expecting the same need. While food aid is sometimes unavoidable, it is seen as 'bad aid' because it does not lead to long-term sustainability. However, the provision of clean drinking water is termed 'good aid' as it allows the people to help themselves. Water can be used for growing vegetables that can be consumed by the family or sold to earn income. Water is also used in other income generating activities such as brick making. Each bore well costs around NZ$X,XXX and to date 54 boreholes have been drilled with 43 being successful and these have been positively received. Our Christmas Eve offering was given towards this ministry. For further information or to watch a short video clip, please visit www.kiwilink.org

Stop Press:
Thanks to all in our church and community who gave to the KiwiLink Zimbabwe appeal at our Christmas Eve service. Over $XXXX was raised... well done! It's not too late to give to this appeal. Fundraising will continue throughout the month of January 2010. Please indicate with your tithe envelopes that you want the money to go towards the KiwiLink Zimbabwe boreholes appeal and we'll do the rest. Bless you church.

Summer Church Services:
Morning Services: 10:00a.m. every Sunday.
Note - There will be no Jigglers (2 - 3 1/2 yrs), RunnerBeans (3 1/2 - 5 yrs) or Children's Church until 15th Feb. However there will be supervised games, movies and stories each Sunday in the Children's Church room.
Evening Services: In order to give all our wonderful volunteers some time off over summer, there will be no evening services until the 14th of February.

Sublime & Katalyst: Has finished for the year and will resume February, dates and times to be advised.

Life Groups: All our church life groups including Business Sense, Mums 4 Mums, the Payne's, Greaney's, Up Front, Unique Woman and Wednesday Worship will resume again in February. Beginning dates and times for each group will be notified in February.

* Christmas Eve service: One of the major events for the year, our Christmas Eve service proved to be a special time of celebration well organised and well attended. What a talented bunch of people we had for it. From the littlies and others up on stage, to those serving behind the scenes, to all those who came along, you did great.

* Yvette and Ross T. are now parents of a lovely new healthy daughter born Wednesday the 6th of January 2010; a sister for Olivia, Jack and Jorgia, another special grandchild for Neville and Carolyn G. and an addition to our congregation at church. Praise the Lord! Possible names for the child at time of going to print are Madison or Madelyn.

* Please be mindful of those caught up in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the Caribbean island of Haiti recently and those affected by the huge loss of life; many still to be retrieved from the rubble in the capital, Port-au-Prince. A relief effort is under way in this impoverished nation and your gifts and prayers could further the witness of Christ at this time to these people.

* Enjoy the summer break. On behalf of the team that have brought you the church newsletter this year, I'd like to wish all who visit this site a happy and prosperous 2010. As you lean on God more and more in 2010 may your soul prosper and may Jesus Christ's mighty name be lifted up wherever you go!
-- Andrew.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
M. & H. Jeffries 10 January
C. Hunter 11 January
A. Carr 13 January
M. Greaney 15 January
C. Norgate 16 January
A. Smits 16 January
Z. Stoney 19 January
H. King 20 January
R. & Y. Troughton 21 January
S. Patrick 23 January
J. Edgecombe 23 January
L. Parsons 24 January
K. & M. Hunter 26 January
M. & J. McMurtrie 27 January
M. Dwyer 27 January
M. Hunter 28 January
P. Salmond 29 January
P. Grayson 29 January
A. Signal 29 January
-- May God bless you on your special day!
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