Sunday 7 March 2010

Good morning and welcome to our church service.

Sunday Morning at 10a.m. Pastor Fred will be speaking:
This week we are continuing with the theme: 'broken for breakthrough' and 'seeking the manifest presence of God' in our daily lives.
In this morning's message we will be looking at three positive ways of allowing God's Spirit to manifest His presence in our life.
1. Examples from the Old Testament
2. Investing in the Kingdom of God
3. Paul's instructions on how to prepare and be available.
I am looking forward to sharing God's Word with you.
Bless you all. Pastor Fred.

Sunday Evening
5p.m. - Come and be prepared for church done a little differently.
6p.m. - Link Cafe for the 18 - 30 year olds.

What's on this week:
Tuesday 9th 10am Mainly Music
Tuesday 9th 7:30pm Business Sense Connect Group
Wednesday 10th 9:30am Mums for Mums
Wednesday 10th 4:15pm Elders Meeting
Wednesday 10th 5:30pm Foundations Course
Wednesday 10th 7:30pm Greaney Connect Group @ 1 Claire Place
Thursday 11th 6pm Sublime Music Practice
Thursday 11th 7:30pm Church Music Practice
Friday 12th 5pm Katalyst - Intermediate age group
Friday 12th 8pm-late Sublime - 13 to 18 years

What's coming up:
Koffee with the Kings at Kaiteriteri
When: Wednesday 17th March at 10am.
Where: 35 Torlesse Drive, Little Kaiteriteri.
What: Fellowship time together.
Who: All Wednesday Worshippers and Senior Saints welcome.
Arrive at the church at 10am for transport- to take someone or to 'hitch' a ride. Phone Colleen or Fred for further info: (XX) XXX XXXX or XXX XXX XXXX.

Kids Church Information:
Creche: - for mums and babies. First room on left entering church
Jigglers: 2 - 3 1/2 years. Meets in hall (go down hall past toilets)
Runnerbeans: 3 1/2 - 5 years. Go to courtyard and it is the far room with the sliding door
Komet Kids: 5 - 8 years. Meets in children's church hall
Katalyst (was called Gryps): 9 - 11 years. Meets in the Green Room (far corner room in courtyard)

Church Life:
We encourage all to commit to one of the following Church Life Groups:
Mainly Music:
For preschoolers, every Tuesday at 10a.m.
Contact Yvette XXX XXXX or Debbie XXX XXXX
Imprint: For college age girls, every Wednesday at 4p.m.
Download: For college age boys, every Thursday at 4p.m.
Contact Mark XXX XXX XXXX
Katalyst: For year 7 & 8 students, every Friday at 5p.m.
Contact Matt XXX XXXX or XXX XXX XXX
Sublime: For all college students, every Friday at 8p.m.
Contact Michael XXX XXXX or XXX XXX XXX
Mums 4 Mums: For all mums, every Wednesday at 9:30a.m.
Contact Tracey XXX XXX XXXX or Colette XXX XXX XXXX
Business Sense: For men in business, fortnightly Tuesday at 7:30p.m.
Contact Shane XXX XXXX or XXX XXX XXX
Married with Children: For young families, monthly at 12:30p.m.
Contact Shane XXX XXXX or XXX XXX XXX
Wednesday Worship: For seniors, 1st Wed of the month at 10a.m.
Contact church office XXX XXXX
Greaney's Connect Group: All welcome, every Wednesday at 7:30p.m.
Contact Neville or Carolyn XXX XXXX

Not sure which one you should attend? Please contact our church office to discuss further on 528 9795

* Prayer Meetings: New prayer meeting times: First Tuesday of the month at 6a.m. (Next meeting will be on 6th of April.) Weekly meeting on Sunday from 9:00-9:30a.m. Both events will be in the Green Room (far corner room). All welcome to either event.

* Elders Meetings: Every Wednesday at 4:15p.m. the church elders will be meeting in the admin office. If you would like prayer or to discuss any issue, please make an appointment through the church office.

* Komet Kids: Can parents please send their children to church with a piece of fruit (or two) for a healthy morning tea. Many thanks. Bonnie :-)

* On a Mission! My parents and I are going on a missions trip with OMS (Overseas Mission Society) to Ecuador this April. We will be part of a team helping to build a multi-purpose community centre and will be involved in outreach to mums and children in the village. So your prayer support would be much appreciated as we prepare for the trip and during the time over there.
Thanks heaps - Emily C.

* Pastor Brent is now officially on his three months of leave. Throughout this time Brent will not be available in any capacity as Senior Pastor including counselling. Pastors Shane, Michael and Fred will be available for appointments and will continue to oversee the running of the church.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
E. Jeffries 6 March
A. Hannah 11 March
G. Carr 11 March
J. Carr 11 March
E. Murray 11 March
P. Dzimati 12 March
S. Murray 15 March
M. & P. Whyte 16 March
A. Pienaar 16 March
I. Jeffries 17 March
Mr. W. Pienaar 19 March
G. Bolitho 19 March
A. Byles 20 March
J. Khan 21 March
J. Hannah 22 March
J. & A. Marshall 25 March
R. Denny 26 March
B. Tolson 26 March
P. & M. Dwyer 28 March
N. & C. Greaney 29 March
H. Jeffries 30 March
A. Trent 30 March
Z. Jeffries 30 March
C. Pienaar 31 March
E. Marshall 31 March
-- May God bless you on your special day!
Pastoral Staff:
Pastor Brent is on leave until 15th May 2010. For any Pastoral needs please refer to one of the following pastors:
Assistant Pastors: Shane and Kathryn Murray shane@lifeat374.org.nz
Assistant Pastors: Fred and Colleen King
Ph xxx xxxx
Youth Pastor: Michael Greaney michael@lifeat374.org.nz
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