Sunday 7 November 2010
Hello everyone and welcome to our services today.
It's great to meet together to worship our God and fellowship together.
If you are visiting with us today a special welcome to you.

Sunday Morning
10am - Pastor Shane will be speaking:
I have heard it said that Scripture can be like peeling an onion.  There are layers upon layers of revelation as you begin to pull it apart, just like peeling an onion.
I can relate well to this quote:  "I love the depth of the Scriptures; how the more you research and journey into them, the more they become alive with the truth being revealed every step of the way."
So this morning this is what we will do:  Continuing with the gospel theme I started last week we will peel apart Matthew 27: 45-54, the story of Jesus' crucifixion.  Such an exciting, dramatic and powerful story; a story that continues to transform people all over our planet.
It is going to be a great day.

Bless you all
Pastor Shane Murray

Sunday Evening
5pm - Encounter Service - The speaker is Elly D'Ath.  All welcome.

What's on this week:
Sunday 7th 9am Prayer Meeting for Morning Service
Tuesday 9th 10am Mainly Music
Tuesday 9th 6pm Sublime Music Practice
Tuesday 9th 7:30pm Church Music Practice
Tuesday 9th 7:30pm Life Investments Directors Meeting
Wednesday 10th 9:30am Mums for Mums
Wednesday 10th 4pm Deacons Board Meeting
Wednesday 10th 7:30pm Greaney Connect Group - 3 Claire Place
Wednesday 10th 7:30pm Sublime Leaders
Thursday 11th 5:30pm Discipleship Study Course - Networking
Friday 12th 5pm Katalyst - Intermediate age group
Friday 12th 8pm Sublime - 13 to 18 years

Coming Up:
Baptism Service
On November the 21st there will be a baptism service.  So far we have four people wishing to be baptised.  If you are interested in being water baptised or would like to discuss what it is all about, please talk with Pastor Shane.

Discipleship Training Course
As part of the DTC, each of our 20 students have been given a significant historical Christian person to present a 10 to 15 minute message on.  The first session has happened and was a huge success, and the next session is today Sunday 7th November at 1:15pm.

Here is the lineup of our speakers:
1:15pm  Marie Mc.            2:30pm  Sarah-Jane S.
1:30pm  Miriam L.             2:45pm  Tania D.
1:45pm  Rebecca J.            3:00pm  Tim F.
2:00pm  Renay P.               3:15pm  Timothy N.
2:15pm  Sandra H.              3:30pm  James M.
Everyone is welcome to come along to listen in and encourage them all.

Church Life:
We encourage all to commit to one of the following church life groups:
Mainly Music:
For preschoolers, every Tuesday at 10a.m.
Contact Yvette XXX XXXX or Debbie XXX XXXX
Imprint: For 13-20 year old girls, 39 Sanderlane Drive, fortnightly on Wednesday
Contact Casey XXX XXX XXXX
Katalyst: For year 7 & 8 students, every Friday at 5p.m.
Contact Matt XXX XXXX or XXX XXX XXX
Sublime: For all college students, every Friday at 8p.m.
Contact Michael XXX XXXX or XXX XXX XXX
Mums 4 Mums: For all mums, every Wednesday at 9:30a.m.
Contact Tracey XXX XXX XXXX or Colette XXX XXX XXXX
Business Sense: For men in business, fortnightly Tuesday at 7:30p.m.
Contact Shane XXX XXXX or XXX XXX XXX
Married with Children: For young families, monthly at 12:30p.m.
Contact Brent XXX XXXX
Wednesday Worship: For seniors, 1st Wednesday of the month at 10a.m.
Contact church office XXX XXXX
Greaney's Connect Group: All welcome, every Wednesday at 7:30p.m.
Contact Neville or Carolyn XXX XXXX

Not sure which one you should attend?  Please contact our church office to discuss further on 528 9795
* EFTPOS is now available at the info desk: If you wish to pay your tithes and offerings by EFTPOS you can now do so at the information desk.  The person at the desk can show you how it is done in your own privacy, and how to record your details on the receipt so your donation can be issued at tax time.

* Church Music Team
Be sure to see Facebook XXXX@XXXX.XXXX.XXX for all your info regarding music, practice times, song lists and much more.
Pastor Michael

* Rhema Broadcasting Group
Radio Rhema is presently trying to raise $X.XXXXXXX to renew the majority of its commercial radio frequency licences for the next 20 years.  To date they have raised just over $XXXXXXX.
Recently our church gave $X,XXX toward this project because we believe in the value of Christian broadcasting.  See the thank you letter from RBG posted on the notice board.  If you would like more information about making a pledge to this project please visit www.rbg.co.nz

* Missed a sermon that you really wanted to hear?
At the information desk we now have a small form to fill out to order copies of sermons you may have missed or that you loved and would like to pass on to a friend.  Please fill out the form and slip it into the GOLD box and our lovely Carissa A. will get you a copy of the sermon on CD.
These CD's are made free of charge but any donations towards the cost of the CD's would be greatly appreciated.

* The Light Party
Last Sunday was our annual Light Party, our positive alternative to Halloween.  This event was an outstanding success with over 140 children and 100 parents attending.  Thank you so much Debbie K., who managed the event, and the very large team of people who got involved to make it all so successful.  Bless you all.

* On Holiday
Pastor Brent and his family are on holiday in Australia for one more week. They will be catching a sneak preview of summer before it hits here. Any pastoral needs while Brent and Tracey are away, please contact Pastors Shane or Michael.

* Prayer Circle
Carol R. is presently away for one more week so any requests to go on the prayer circle please phone Carolyn G. XXX XXXX.

* New Zealand Bible Society
Recently our church donated $XXX to the NZ Bible Society as ongoing support to this powerful ministry.  The Bible Society used this money to print a further 250 Bibles in China.  There is a letter of thanks pinned to the notice board with information on how the money was spent and testimony of how Bibles in China are making such a difference.  If you would like more information about the NZ Bible Society and what they do, please visit www.biblesociety.org.nz
Communion Servers
This week: Lesley, Bob, Gary.
Next week: Chris, Martin, Pauline.
This week: Emma F. and Jarred W.
Next week:
Hannah G. and Selwyn.
Before next Sunday: Fowler's.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
L. Hansen 5 September
T. Goldsmith 5 September
F. Pickworth 6 September
B. Pickworth 7 September
A. Ryder 8 September
C. Armstrong 12 September
P. Dwyer 14 September
F. King 15 September
D. Robinson 15 September
E. Deck 21 September
J. Nuttall 21 September
D. King 24 September
E. Creighton 24 September
M. Spencer 25 September
S. & D. King 25 September
E. & C. Repp 26 September
R. Troughton 27 September
S. Trent 30 September
J. Scott 1 October
D. Goodman 1 October
A. Jackett 1 October
I. Cox 2 October
K.-M. Goldsmith 2 October
A. Marshall 3 October
S. & K. Murray 3 October
A. McGhie 4 October
Z. Aggio 4 October
M. Woodhead 5 October
C. & J. Jeffries 9 October
S. Greaney 18 October
B. & G. Tolson 21 October
C. Saunders 26 October
J. Smits 31 October
T. Pickworth 2 November
T. Davies 4 November
H. Spencer 4 November
B. Spencer 9 November
D. Driscoll 13 November
R. & N. Hovenden 15 November
P. Watson 17 November
N. Greaney 19 November
A. & S. Trent 19 November
T. Norgate 21 November
D. Spencer 22 November
C. Repp 24 November
B. Roebuck 25 November
L. King 26 November
L. Greaney 27 November
R. & A. Bilderbach 28 November
J. & S. Khan 28 November
S.J. Sauer 29 November
M. Hassall 30 November
I. Marshall 30 November
-- May God bless you on your special day!
Know of a name left out here? - see Andrew.
Pastoral Staff
Senior Pastors: Brent and Tracey Pickworth brent@lifeat374.org.nz
Assistant Pastors: Shane and Kathryn Murray shane@lifeat374.org.nz
Assistant Pastors: Fred and Colleen King
Ph xxx xxxx
Youth Pastors: Michael and Ally Greaney michael@lifeat374.org.nz
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